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Friday, February 14, 2020

69 Filipino songs that rocked my life in 2010s (Part 7)

01/30/2020 08:42:56 PM

It's a shame that it took me two months to finish this personal project. I initially had this in mind since late November and worked on the draft by mid-December. Anyway, here it goes... 

Ten years ago, I tried coming up with a list of my favorite songs of the decade here in this blog. Unfortunately, I ended up shelving it as I got more busy with college studies and post-disaster recovery. 

Fast-forward to present, I became a wanderer in the locality's live music scene – a  far cry from the early years where I dig more of mainstream and foreign stuff.  Though I'm not hating at all, because exciting times took place during the 2010s.  K-Pop has ascended to even greater heights, while US & UK stuff still fares well, respectively. 

The Philippine music scene, however, saw another band explosion that paved the way to "hugot" and "swabe" music. The bar was raised once again, as quality music reached mainstream consciousness, thanks to the much-improved songwriting process, social media buzz, and some crowd-drawing events.

It was in this decade where I explored more often than relying on the medium. At first, I tried digging a lot of songs over Spotify (and less on the radio) since 2014.  Then in 2013, I first attended a bar gig – and two years later, it finally became a habit for me to 'go out and listen' for almost every week.    

(This list comprises mostly of songs that went to the airwaves and podiums in 2015-2019. Also, these may not be the best songs that ever made, but I do recommend you to give them a try -- in no particular order.) 

61. Sentimental (IV of Spades)

In around 2017, pop-rock band IV of Spades transformed into a disco-funk sounding band after gaining notoriety through its Filipino single Ilaw Sa Daan. It was the pinnacle time that saw this quartet rise to the stratosphere after releasing tracks Hey Barbara, Where Have You Been, My Disco? and Mundo.

One track has joined the groovy bandwagon. Unfortunately, however, it sucks to notice there was no canned version (I mean audio recording) of Sentimental available for streaming unless you have the guts to (illegally) download the clips from Myx Bandarito and One Music PH. Yeah, another underrated favorite – and another unfortunate gem.

Tagu-Taguan may be the one who spearheaded Bita and The Botflies to the public's consciousness, but Sisikat Ka Iha was the gutbuster of them all. A rock-and-blues song depicting massive women exploitation that's backed up by its artistic-slash-horrifying music video has made the former quintet climb another summit. Controversial; game-changer; defiant; you name it.

63. Dekada (We Are Imaginary)

We Are Imaginary's first and Filipino song appears to be a double-edged sword. While the lyrics depict how long relationships have reached its exhaustion, Ahmad Tanji also cites out the light of hope beyond its words. Interesting point from its composer.

I guess it all boils down to each interpretation, no matter how subjective or objective it may be. 

P.S. I'm happy to be part of its music video. 

64. 90's Kid (Sunday Radio)

Nostalgia track done with only a few references. It could've boom further and better – and follow suit of Balik (Autotelic), but hey, we tend to love nostalgic stuff. 

65. Ozone (Unique Salonga)

Unique Salonga is one heck of a wonder kid. His departure from IV of Spades in 2018 may be considered way too premature, but his album has been saying otherwise. Ozone is one track that artistically depicts the story of that tragic fire accident inside the infamous QC-based disco in 1996.

Well, we could only hope for Salonga to up his ante soon, given the sudden change of direction of his already-skyrocketing career as a musician.

High End appears to be one of the bridges from Tanya Markova's old self to the new and upcoming persona of songs. There's no question on their move of transitioning from the loud metal side of shock pop to the synth-alternative-pop rock mix of hugot tracks, something you might have witnessed through Stranded and Iglap. 

It was an affair between lovers from different statures done in danceable pop form.

Honestly, Sakali should've been part of the list. 

It's saddening that Farewell Fair Weather, one of the then-hottest young bands during the middle part of the decade, was left behind in the shadows. It was a gargantuan task to remain steadfast in their mark with their album Blank Pages only produced in 2018, in time for the departure of their foreigner bandmate. 

I decided, however, to place the last track of their debut album, for it sheds some light among every mishap I experienced in two of the past four years. Talk about silver linings from all those misfortunes.    

68. Huli Ka (The Bloomfields)

It was subtle; its tone was in contrast to emotional pace and buildup, and it was so ridiculously good. An underrated gem in The Bloomfields new album in 2019 – shying away from the usual uptempo form of their rock and roll originals.  

26 years after its formation, Truefaith still got it. The title says it all: a laid-back ballad that delivered nothing but good vibrations. Talk about having a send-off in a much high note.

Uwian Na wasn't just my favorite song from their tenth studio album Sentimental (sen+imen+al), but it was also the handpicked top choice for some fans and even the band members themselves.

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