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The File Owner

The SlickMaster, or (***name censored***) is a 27-year old writer/photographer/events organizing staff who manages this shitty blog site called The SlickMaster's Files since January 2009

SlickMaster once worked as an editorial assistant in a publishing company and a website for an IT company. His set of unusual hobbies are thinking deep, reading books, playing basketball, managing his social media pages, watching several television shows (WWE, NBA, MTV, and news) and most of all, eating.

An avid music lover, SlickMaster listens to a variety of genres and ageseven older than his actual time of existence; so now wonder why this guy calls himself an "old soul."

This idiotic writer expresses his appreciation for some of the best stuff in the world such as independent music, history, professional wrestling and other sports; while venting his set of disdains against the overpopulation of teleseryes, excessive Public Display of Affection (PDA), and all the other bullshits this world have at present.

SlickMaster admits having "too many to mention" strengths, while citing his poor handwriting and numerous grammatical errors as bunch of weaknesses. Moreover, he admits his greatest mistake: creating a Facebook account.

Well, he is actually a frustrated radio disc jockey, model, athlete and action star.

And just because he rants a lot doesn't mean he’s mad at the world. He’s also a half-angel, half-bully, depending on how would you approach him.

"Words aren't enough to define me. And by the way, I don't care on your superficial, emotional, subjective comment." SLICKMASTER

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Blog writer for almost a decade. And still learning to be the very great one.

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