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About The SlickMaster's Files

The SlickMaster's Files is a general-themed blog owned and operated by The SlickMaster on January 2009. It is initially known as a then-unnamed blog until its rebranding on 15 October 2012.

This blog site tackles the author's personal adventures in the harsh realities and artistic escapades, while serving as his venue for venting raves and rants about different issues circulating around the world of sports, entertainment, lifestyle, current events and everything in between at the same time.

To date, The SlickMaster's Files posted more than 1,700 articles in over seven years of existence. The blogger also posts excerpts of his articles on the likes of Definitely Filipino and AdoboChannel. He also worked as a news writer for Kicker Daily News from November 2013 to November 2014, and has been a contributing/guest writer (for few times) in several publications like PULP and Philippine Panorama, and several blog websites like We Are The Underdogs Productions, Gigs Manila, and Reimaru Files. 

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