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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Candon to stage its Music Festival this May!

05/22/2019 05:57:43 PM

Summer 2019 in the North will not stop yet as Candon City will stage a music festival this May.

Through the initiatives of Representative Eric D. Singson in collaboration with the provincial government headed by Governor Ryan Singson, the City of Candon headed by Mayor Ericson Singson, Candon City will have its first ever music festival that will run for three nights.

Dubbed as the Candon Music Festival, this was an offshoot of the first concert held in 2008 titled Intay Lagipen (Let us Remember) which reintroduced music and culture in this Ilocos Sur city. This time around, CMF aims to awaken in Ilocos a profound appreciation of the different genres of music and to inspire young Ilocanos to develop a deeper admiration of the music industry.

For three concert dates, CMF will have a fair mix of traditional music-makers and the hit performers of today. It will be a promising night for both young and old... err, should I say not-so-young – or the tanders and hindi totally-tanders. Expect Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights of a wide repertoire of music from classical performances to contemporary hit sounds in pop music, rave, and rock genres.

Candon Music Festival will have National Artist for Music Mastro Ryan Cayabyab as its festival director.

Here is the roster of participating artists in this 3-day extravaganza.

May 23 (Thursday): Banda ni Kleggy, Deck of Cards, IMAGO, Manila Symphony Orchestra, Noel Cabangon, Philippine Cello Ensemble, Prof. Ronan Ferrer, Tenor, and Spongecola.

May 24 (Friday): 6Cyclemind, Candon City Chamber Orchestra, Candon City Children’s Choir, Candon City Chorale, Gloc-9, Gracenote, Moonstar88, Pinoy Brass, and Tila Baliw.

May 25 (Saturday): Aimee Mina de la Cruz (Marimba), Cardona Youth Symphonic Band, Davey Langit, DJ Patty Tiu, Jammers, Kabataang Gitarista, Orange & Lemons, Rivermaya and Ryan Cayabyab Singers.

Also, there will be special guests performing during the Candon Music Festival 2019, such as Regina Garabiles (Soprano), Jedessa Calacday (Soprano), Melissa Nartatez (Piano), Joy Allan de la Cruz (Viola), and DJ Lester Paul M. VaƱo.

Along with the Singsons, Candon Music Festival was made possible by Project Manager Kristine Singson-Meehan with the Council for Culture, Arts and Tourism of the 2nd District of Ilocos Sur.

A connoisseur of art himself, Congressman Eric D. Singson has always advocated the promotion of tourism through the integration of music, culture, and arts. And the living testament for this was Intay Lagipen whom he organized alongside MDS Foundation 11 years ago.

Meanwhile, to ensure continuity of the program for the long run, eight young people were sent on a scholarship to the Conservatory of Music at St. Paul University Manila, and after their graduation, these scholars joined the MDS Foundation to teach the young children and the youth of Candon City to sing and play musical instruments. Aside from that, intensive summer camps are held regularly to foster the appreciation for music instilled in the new generation of Ilocanos.

Truly, the Candon Music Festival is poised to become a celebration of music and talents of Candon City, and serving as an invitation to locals and tourist from the neighboring areas to bask in many forms of aesthetics this city has to offer.

Candon Music Festival will be held on Thursday to Saturday, or 23-25 May 2019 at Bagani Campo Concert Grounds, City of Candon, Ilocos Sur. Show starts at 6:00PM.

There will be free concert passes available at partner establishments and government offices; while limited passes will also be issued on site during the festivity. For further information and details, please check

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