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Friday, January 25, 2019

PlayBack: BennyBunnyBand – ForHidden Song No. 1.

01/07/2019 03:23:06 PM

I first heard this song on a live nearly three years ago. It certainly wooed everyone inside the famous B-Side just before it hit the first chorus. Imagine that BennyBunnyBand was the first spark of the night as we were then waiting for MilesExperience during the launching of its debut album Again & Against.

And at the end of their set,  it dawned to a lot that ForHidden Song No. 1: Say Lang Titi... is, no question, a hit waiting to be fully unfolded on the Internet and hopefully, on the radio (Yup, they can get away with it).

It was a great song during its time when they were gigging more regularly. ForHidden Song No. 1was an instant favorite as it showcased how Benny James Giron became defiant on his songwriting work. It goes over the distance and pushed boundaries. This is probably one of those novelty tracks that was written without the need of those 'budots' beats.

I wish I could say the same on its recorded counterpart. The problem is the release of this song was long-awaited to the extent that its hype died down to a certain extent. It would be definitely a challenge for this trio to get back to their noisemaking selves that way.

Regardless, wordplay at its finest. Go give it a listen.

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