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Saturday, November 03, 2018


11/02/2018 08:44:07 PM

Amidst the turn of events surrounding the two countries, the World Wrestling Entertainment still pushed through with its upcoming event called WWE Crown Jewel on Friday noon (or Saturday midnight Manila time).

Yes, despite having a US journalist Jamal Khashoggi murdered the past month at the embassy of Saudi Arabia, the host country for this event.

Well, unfortunately, the move drew the ire of many wrestling fans around the world. It seems to that the outcry wasn't even enough for Vince McMahon's promotion to cancel the show, even if top superstars John Cena and Daniel Bryan made a stand and withdrew themselves from the event in the process.

With Cena's withdrawal prompted RAW to pick Bobby Lashley to take his spot; while Bryan's “No” made the WWE Championship match abruptly moved a SmackDown episode ahead.

The question: Does WWE really listens to its audience? Probably yes and probably not. It's probably a selective choice – or in a woke's case, a selective justice. Just take the case of Hulk Hogan in an instance. Remember, he was sent out of the company after a barrage of racist comments inside a sex tape went viral like wildfire.

And three years since then, while forgiveness may be the right thing to do, it can't be denied that Hogan's actions are still irreparable to some. And him being one of the key guys alongside commentator Renee Young for Friday's Crown Jewel would definitely hit a sour taste in anyone's mouth.

Well, with the mere fact that WWE staged the all-women's PPV Evolution couldn't alleviate enough from the stinging painful fact that Crown Jewel didn't feature any women's match at all? I guess exclusivity and gender equality fares well – at least, in their eyes; no matter how this wrestling promotion tried to empower women in a country full of dubious record of women's rights.

Now what's next for everyone? How about not supporting WWE Crown Jewel? Well, it always been one of the usual resorts on every negativity, especially on the outlook of the current product that the promotion has been offering to us.

But of course, as cynical as it sounds, the vocal act of boycotting doesn't really help much – just like how everyone shouts “#CancelWWENetwork” when some airs their displeasure on what they have seen in the main event of every special show. Yes, doesn't really matter at all even if Brock won over Braun, somebody screwed up the World Cup or if DX wins and again.

Face it, people. This is just another bad case of money talks. Unless either all of you – or all of us – have balls enough to stray away from WWE and instead focus on groups like ROH, Impact, and NJPW.

Author: slickmaster | © 2018 The SlickMaster's Files

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