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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

PlayBack: Truefaith - Sentimental (album)

07/19/2018 03:48:56 PM

It was a product that fans are waiting for too long. Finally, after nearly a decade, pop-rock band TrueFaith has released its new album containing newly-minted original songs and at the same time, potential hits.

Eleven tracks were filed inside SENTIMENTAL (sen+imen+al), the latest record from this 25-year solid six-piece crew, and nearly half of them were released as singles since 2016. Still, I must say it's a fair marketing move especially they decided to move up from initially-planned EP. 

I must say this album has been a mixed of new trials with old resemblances. True Faith somehow tried to bring back the traces of new wave, ballad, alternative pop sound that made them known since 1993. For instance, some tracks may have inputted the Taglish approach in lyrisicm (Cool Lang, Ako At Si Michael, Uwian) but it all fitted enough to earn a catchy feel of pop music. The lead guitar work did well to make songs like Cool Lang, Kahit Na, and With You embody that 'old school love song' feel. 

Meanwhile, Paano Ka Magiging Akin seems a gamble by putting a modern-take on their usual mellow sides. And I could probably say the same on Dyaryo't Kape

The Rain has been like a battlecry of sorts that gives Sentimental a much-fitting representation track of them all; while Isn't It Strange and Consolations For A Fool were a chilling darkhorse picks due to the jazzy feel brought by its keyboards or guitars. And the Filipinized collaboration of Me & Micheal is TF's rock work at its finest, something that's more evident when heard live.

All in all, Sentimental is the example of how firm True Faith has been as they stood the test of time, from creative and management differences (in the past) to the struggles of maintaining blockbuster success, especially at present time when nostalgia has been a recipe for resurgence plus a crop of young rising stars (both groups and individuals) penetrating their own pinnacles of success in the always-thriving local music industry.

The Verdict: 9

Sentimental (sen+imen+al) is the 14th album by Truefaith. Released on 2018 by Star Music. The album can be availed via purchasing at CDs Atbp. and other music stores nationwide and online. 

Truefaith (also distinguished as True Faith) is a 25-year running, six-man pop rock band based in Manila, Philippines. They are composed of Medwin Marfil (vocals), Eugene Marfil (acoustic guitar), Allan Elgar (electronic guitar), Macky Macaventa (bass guitar), Jake Lumacad (keyboards), and Kaka Quisimbing (drums).

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