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Thursday, June 07, 2018

The Scene Around: Sisikat Muli Ang Araw jam party

05/23/2018 10:35:28 PM

It's been a long while since I made a decision to ditch the concept of me writing my insights about the gigs I attended. However, with the month of May turning out to be a memorable so far, I couldn't let some of these nights of times passed by without me blogging about it. After all, I have been recuperating from a lot of interpersonal fights.

Seeing a Route 196 post on Instagram intrigued me the most: as in WHAT? Brod Pete is playing at that bar for a night? Interesting, though I have yet to see the guy perform in the flesh – even if I pertain to his comedy antics here. TEMPTING.

There was no door charge, but still, a relatively-few number of people were in attendance at Katipunan's prized music house. However, I saw my blogging friend Melanie who's the social media manager of the Itchyworms there, as well as the band's former photographer and road manager Bel (also known as the head ninja of IndieManila).

Later, I saw Herman Salvador – popularly known as Brod Pete or Isko – with either an electronic guitar or ukulele (?) on hand (Well, somebody enlighten me, please). There I let my copy of the famed book BASA signed by him. Funny that I got recognized by Jugs as the same shitty guy over the internet who ranted a lot but has been taking gig pictures recently right before Stereodeal kicked off the party at 11:00PM.

Then, shortly before midnight, it was the worms and the alien's turn to hit the platform and have a good time for nearly an hour. Hell, I didn't even remember how many songs they played or what those are. But nonetheless, it was hell of a good time for a Tuesday evening that made even more special as me, Adrian Arcega, Japo Anareta, and the roadie JM joined Brod Pete in a post-gig shenanigans at McDonalds where we all talk about those fun times and a mini-lecture about comedy.

Fun times!  

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