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Friday, June 15, 2018

The Scene Around: Orange & Lemons and The Bloomfields LIVE at SaGuijo

05/23/2018 09:36:03 PM

Thursdays are really meant for throwbacks and titos. Why's that so? Well, we have two of the widely-known bands of the 2000s played respective long sets for one night only in the famous music house in Makati City.

Judging by the looks, the gig have two heavyweights but the tile lacks the emphatic manner of grandeur. Some may actually think why the gig title looked so simple.

It's barely 8:30 in that Thursday evening and quite different from the usual, there are already more than 10 paying guests inside the venue. And the gate attendance numbers went even beyond the usual for that night despite having only four bands performing.

First to hit on stage was Paranoid City, then followed by the Bulacan-based Blind Stereo Moon. The front acts did their part in hyping everyone for a long night. Well, it didn't take long before Rocky, Lakan, Dino, and Louie hit the ground and run from there in a rare long set. 

And we mean long and all-original set here, by the way. Most of the 122 paying guests were inside saGuijo and didn't mind the sauna-atmosphere for nearly an hour or so. The Bloomfields also played two of their new songs, one is Ilaw.

But Orange & Lemons has the main-event feel, as they woo the crowd with some of the all-time favorites Hanggang Kailan, Abot Kamay, Heaven Knows, to name a few. Whatever momentum that was left after The Bloomfields was barely sustained despite a longer-time of waiting in between them.

In a world where the young and newbies has been crowd-drawers, the challenge of putting a night of nostalgic resemblances will always be a challenge. Let's face it: while it looks strong on paper, not everyone knows either Orange & Lemons and The Bloomfields unless they do their homework. Or rather, unless you have been listening to the localities since time immemorial. It's also no secret that a relatively-huge part of the audience are the probably gig guys and music lovers from the past decade, which is really a good spectacle in the eye.

Indeed this gig was definitely one for the books. 

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