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Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Pre-take: WWE Money in The Bank 2018

06/15/2018 05:53:30 PM

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I used to argue with one of my friends in the music scene (who happens to be a fellow avid wrestling fan) in the past; saying Money In The Bank will be a non-brand exclusive pay-per-view event by the coming year.

Hey Cris, turns out you're right. Well, with the advent of having PPV events intended for both RAW and SmackDown divisions since post-WrestleMania, Money In The Bank certainly deserves a slot to  even be part of the major events in WWE's calendar. One briefcase for either two of the prestigious championships in each division (men and women) seems to be a right decision to convene.

At least, aside from Survivor Series, we know on which brand really reigns supreme for a moment or so. We don't need another gig called Bragging Rights anyway.

This Sunday (Monday morning, Philippine time) will feature two MITB ladder matches for good, and we hope we don't see another James Ellsworth-fucked-up moment for the ladies' counterpart.

I can sense that either Kevin Owens or Braun Strowman will win the MITB briefcase. These two are such hot commodities for RAW. And Bobby Roode winning it all can be a stealer and eventually lead him to a sophisticaled elite character he was great during his NXT run. Finn Balor? Hmmm... too sweet, but a win must take him back to a clash between two iconic persons who held the Universal Championship (the first versus the longest-reigning, ya know).

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A Rusev win means #RusevDay – which may eventually get stale in the long run as Samoa Joe takes a badass pseudo-face route. And the latter winning the contract regardless of who will be the title-holder soon will make the submission specialist a dangerous man on the blue brand. Don't sleep on Miz's chances, though, the guy deserves another title run for being a heck-of-a-workhorse. And a Big E victory can lead to a New Day implosion, and prove that they can't even outdo The SHIELD in terms of history as a faction.

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As for the women's match, maybe somebody from RAW will do it, but it wouldn't be Ember Moon. It could go to either Sasha Banks or Natalya, with the former taking a much fitting role to win it all (after all, she is the BO$$).

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I don't get it: why would Nia Jax, the RAW Women's Champion, issued a challenge to Ronda Rousey, the biggest marqueee name in WWE today? Probably because of WWE's attempt to make use of her drawing power that eventually booking people made a Batista/Roman Reigns speedy move?

But moreover, why would a champ – who put up a stance against bullying a PPV ago – just turned back on her words and make her character a hypocrite and bully in the process? Ironic, eh? Was this made to do a gradual-paced double-cross and make the crowd favorite Ronda mold into a badass woman that she was once known during her days at UFC?

A loss for Ronda would definitely put WWE into a bad light again, especially if Nia Jax would just portray victorious without the aid of being a “survivor” in convincing fashion. She isn't being distinct as such for nothing.

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I have a feeling that the Carmella-Asuka match will end up in a disqualification here. No way that Asuka may win here... yet. Unless they made her the champ only to suffer a big time loss for the first time since WrestleMania.

Is it time for the good brothers to take home the golds once again? This might be a potential show-stealer. But I think the Bludgeon Brothers will take this one. Not probably yet, Gallows and Anderson as an exciting feud is coming ahead.

Roman Reigns versus Jinder Mahal is some random RAW shit-filler that The Big Dog probably needs as he builds his stack against the rumoured SummerSlam match with Brock Lesnar (Hay, Vince, when will you ever learn?). Obviously, Reigns will win this, LOL! Unless they have other plans for the ex-champ-turned-jobber.

Bobby Lashley versus Sami Zayn with an angle that didnt really turn well. At least they rebounded by showcasing Lashley's strength. And hopefully, Sunday's match will culminate them all.

Another singles match that will take place at Money In The Bank is Big Cass versus Daniel Bryan. And why would they let the 7-footer lose anew here?

Seth Rollins versus Elias for the Intercontinental Championship match. Either player deserves to take home the belt at the end. Rollins is a fighting champion – no doubt about it. Elias has stamped his mark so well in the WWE ring in the recent months. However, Seth might retain the IC title at the end of this scuffle.

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Lastly, AJ Styles versus Shinsuke Nakamura for the WWE Championship. The feud has been interesting from the start, with mind games lording over before WrestleMania. But somewhere along the way, it felt dragging. Everrything from double countouts, low blows, chair shots to 10-counts didn't really help much. Well, as much as I want an Extreme Rules match between these two, maybe the Last Man Standing stipulation would do so well. And probably, AJ will go home with that black belt as well.

All in all, Money In The Bank should be WWE's rebounding point from the lackluster showing they had at Backlash. Let's face it: the product as a whole was really atrocious despite some wrestlers switching brands.

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