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Friday, June 22, 2018

PlayBack: The Itchyworms – Sisikat Muli Ang Araw (music video)

05/22/2018 09:04:45 PM

The Itchyworms is one of those few commercially-and-artistically successful bands from the OPM band explosion wave during the mid-2000s. And now that we are approaching late-2010s and the young acts are getting more mainstream recognition, it's safe to say that IW is still standing there and has their sound evolved over the long course of time.

And almost four years after releasing the album After All This Time, plus nearly a year after collaborating with the legendary Ely Buenia, the Itchyworms published its newest single titled Sisikat Muli Ang Araw, with its music video starred by Herman Salvador (Isko/Brod Pete) and directed by Adrian Arcega of Stopworks Studios.

The music video revolves on the unexpectedly last day – err, night – grind of Eddie Van Cullen, its series of mishaps in the office, and debunking speculations of him being a vampire.

Probably seeing The Itchyworms and Brod Pete in a single music video is already a dream collaboration, and it paid well through Arcega's direction. The story telling was on-point, the flashback sequence is on-target, and there are so many imagery that served as reference to depict the comedian's role in the story. There's actually a part of me that says aside from Arcega's signature of ideas surrounding dark and geek stuff, Brod Pete has contributed a lot in terms of adding the subtle manner of wit and slapstick humor here as they chunked the best of them here.

All in all. Sisikat Muli Ang Araw is just another music from The Itchyworms that made them special through a vampire comedy-inspired music video.  And that is how you make an  intelligent kind of humor.

The Verdict: 8.6

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