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Saturday, June 16, 2018

PlayBack: The Bloomfields – Panaginip (live performance video)

05/23/2018 01:16:20 AM

This year, the old school-sounding rock and roll band The Bloomfields have set their sight on putting up their originals once again. And before they unleashed new songs in recording form like Ilaw, the quartet has been taking their solely-done works with them during their saGuijo gigs, such as In The City, Express Highway, and this song.

Panaginip has been a staple hit from them. It depicts one's struggle to get over his/her past love. And while Hit The Ground Running has been in the bars for more than seven years, this song has been loved by many, especially with the #hugot taking over the Filipino pop culture in recent memory. Forget the almost-redundant manner of stoytelling in second and third verses.

The signature-styled harmony on vocal duties as shown evident during its chorus is really one thing to love. Video-wise, the camera framing could have been made better. Editing seems to make it up to make this live perfomance (assumingly in numerous takes) have a music video feel and its garden-ish setting.

The Bloomfields actually made a lyric video and a live performance of Panaginip. I admit, they sounded better on this recent rendition rather than the canned one. The mellow pace of the meolodies somewhat made its appeal better rather than the medium-to-fast-paced recording version of it.

There's no doubt that Panaignip is an instant classic for the fans – both newbies and the avids.  

Verdict: 8.3

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