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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

PlayBack: IV of SPADES – Mundo

02/16/2018 10:09:23 AM

Every fan of this nostalgia-laced quartet knows they can make hugot-driven songs, too. And the hype for IV of Spades to release one of their popular songs Mundo has been that high since last year (heck, even toppling the groovy “Hey Barbara” and “Where Have You Been, My Disco?”). At least, they can make Filipino songs aside from “Ilaw sa Daan,” and thatr automatically merits a sure-ball for garnering a massive fanbase today.

But the question: did they lived to the skyrocketing expectations of many? It was probably a lukewarm response, to say the least.

Well, one thing's for sure: the lyrcial work – and not just Unique Salonga's falsetto, and Blaster Silonga's riffs – are the primary weapons that made Mundo a standout.

However, not all, including yours truly, can say the same on the technicality. I wish I don't need to say more about it since the Flying Lugaw has done that part in more comprehensive way possible and I totally agree on it. Heck, I'm better off with their live renditions, for at least they sounded more natural, or more humane possible. If fans would expect to replicate the entire thing to their live gigs, good luck, for that may brace yourselves to a possible disappointment (so better to cut some slack from these kids).

Either they stumbled on its mixing or could possibly be setting a gauge for reactions. And don't get me wrong on this: the latter may sound a good move. We'll never know: the single version has been always a “promising” thing to hear, and if the young band can handle criticism at this stage, they could probably do something to enhance the song should they decide to make an album.

The Verdict: 7

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