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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

PlayBack: BRISOM – Balewala (music video)

02/06/2018 10:20:17 PM

Going beyong their first record, BRISOMtraced even furhter with their new wave pop -like sound to heights with a #hugot-driven slow pop ballad Balewala, which is penned by the bandmate Jason Rondero (and for all we know, this guy is also part of the iconic Silent Sanctuary).

And with the defying move comes an even defiant music video that showed vibes from San Junipero (an episode from Black Mirror) which sent many gay hearts happy. Even with the obvious product placements, ths clip was well-made. Hell, the scoring was totally on-point with the emotions of the song and the MV istelf. Nicely done, I must say.

No wodner why BRISOM's first post-Unplanned single has been one of the notable songs for the year. Coupled that with this music video? Hell yeah. I couldn't say and agree more.

The Verdict: 8.6

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