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Saturday, February 17, 2018

PlayBack: Bita and the Botflies - Sisikat Ka Iha

2/13/2018 3:29:11 PM

If you think the current crop of indie music comprise of those swabe and funky ones, think again... you might be forgetting a variety kind somewhere along the way.

One of the recent bands from the Indie Ground – and also part of those bands under Trust The Process management – the bizarre-sounding Bita and The Botflies might ring a bell for some listeners today, especially with a bold, defiant music video.

“To each his own,” as they used to say. While others thought of its visual as too gross or better term, Satanic, it's fine, especially if either he or she despise the Powerpuff Girls and one of the antagonists there named HIM. This is where reading between the lines would go well with that red evil face telling nothing but sweet words. It's both sugar-coated and straightforward in more ways than one. Does it sound complicated? Probably.

It's actually funny that I saw the art style that once I noticed on the likes of Warren Espejo.

And if you want to spare yourself from the creeps, the audio counterpart could suit best, with its alt-blues-rock mix complimenting the raw emotion of the band's lyrical work.

You know what this suddenly reminded me of? The piece titled a side of “Minsan May Isang Puta” – just take out the nationalism context out of it. As in literally, imagine a person whose suddenly became a whore – or for the better (Filipino) term, puta – who sold his or her soul and charm to the devil for a shot of fame by allowing everyone to fuck him/her up and dearly paid the price for it. Heck, you might never even know that 'artista life' and the businesses behind might partake on telling the story.

It partook on the harsh reality that's either beautifully disturbing or disturbingly beautiful.

The Verdict:  8.8

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