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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

PlayBack: IV of Spades - Where Have You Been, My Disco? (music video)

11/01/2017 04:48:28 PM

Who would've thought these four dudes are making music that's even beyond their age?

You probably have known them more than I do, but it seems to me that IV of Spades have undergone a massive transformation in terms of sound. Sure they went from a jazzy alternative poetic noir Ilaw sa Daan into something disco-esque like Hey Barbara. And truth be told: half of them didn't even age 20 yet and still they addressed everyone as children of the future.

IV of Spades is probably one heck of a band who can make anyone dance to whatever ground they are standing as long as they hear tracks like “Where Have You Been, My Disco?” Everything was just flawless, from the mastering to the execution itself during live sets. The lively vibe of retro and a bit of new wave, Motown pop, and their incorporated jazz fusion has made this a danceable track to many. This should merit them massive raves from the pop-clamoring community.

The Verdict: 8.9

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