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Monday, January 22, 2018

'17 Nights To Remember (Part 2)

01/21/2018 07:25:38 PM

Regardless of how fiery it has been on all cylinders, it's undeniable that the year 2017 has been a wonderful year. Right in the midst of the mid-2010s band explosion, we have seen it brought a lot of good shits in our Philippine world of music (and we mean quality here, by the way). 

Yours truly have made it to a number of gigs curated by various production outfits (in fact, more than I attended for the past two years). These also include some of the biggest concerts and music festivals that has solely focused on out homegrown talents. That said, here are 17 nights that really left a mark in '17... well, at least for me.

8. Check In Trip Out (30 November 2017; Route 196, Quezon City; Offshore Music)

There's no question about this: the comebacking Orange & Lemons has been on fire since late September. They plunged over Mow's Bar by suprise during that fateful The Smiths tribute gig, took over 70s Bistro by storm during the re-inaugural night, and joined a bunch of young acts on headlining the likes of The Rest is Noise and Quids Night Out.

And during the last evening of November at Route 196, several peeps were in for a treat as they did another rendition of that famous 80s new waver band again – this time, with the iconic Eraserhead Ely Buendia joining the jam. Undeniably the highlight reel of the night.

On a personal level, at least I managed to rub elbows with another great photography stalwart Jet Rufo. Damn nice guy (and better check his works on Instagram, too!)

9. Ube Music SAYANG music video launch (15 September 2017; Route 196, Quezon City; Docdef Productions)

It's probably a long while since Ube made a huge tweak to their music and took over the stage big-time (even for at least once) since their EP launch. But at least they are more known that just another band who popularized a song about ages in a comical way (well, to a relatively-big portion of the indie scene peeps); and this past September, they launched a music video for a song that seems to tackle about having no chances other than to grab a bottle of beer and slurp them all. 

Hey, UBE is still about swabehan in their own way, and they did just get better with Jean Paul Zialcita kicking off the night in a tribal vibe and Brass Pas Pas Pas Pas capping them off. Besides, the now-quartet's set is nothing but DOPE.

10. Mandiriwa: Joey Ayala at Ang Bagong Lumad (16 September 2017; Music Museum, San Juan City; Vandals Entertainment x Gabi Na Naman Productions)

Who would've thought that this singer-songwriter will grace anew for Music Museum after 25 long years? And moreove, who would've thought of having a sold out night in an era where the #hugot-driven pop rock music has been surfacing in all cylinders? Just ask Ian Urrutia and Milley Habbito. The duo behind Vandals Entertainment and Gabi Na Naman Productions had done it again – but this time, after a more-risky preludes.

Sure, there are no guaranteed repeats unlike 3D and Secrets, (shows that gave mid-2000s era of OPM lovers flashbacks) but when the Mandiriwa himself took over the stage, it was a heck-of-a-concert that bridge generation gap even for one Saturday night.

11. SUPER Shadow Moses TURBO launch (4 March 2017; Mow's Bar, Quezon City; Shadow Moses)

Barely nine months since the EP launch, nerdcore rap trio Shadow Moses went beyond limits with a gaming-inspired album that depicted a variety of geekeries and discussions from gangsters to internet connection.

And certainly, another night to answer how's hip-hop here in the country as well. Well, beyond rap battle leagues and spitting explicitly romantic thingamajigs. Good to see my good buddy Apoc perform there, too!

12. TSF x Indie Manila: A Gig #OuttaNowhere (6 October 2017; Route 196, Quezon City; The SlickMaster's Files x Indie Manila)

A sudden-emergency call from Indie Manila's top honcho Bel Certeza offered me to do a gig on a first Friday evening of October 2017, and it was a  risky shot that paid well (well, may not be in monetary but fulfillment-wise speaking). 

Sure it ended up an intimate one (compared to my younger friends out there at RK Prod), but hearing a new song from Tom's Story, rising acts like Room 14, Alex Corner, and Drive of Daydreams, and (of course) my always-favorites We Are Imaginary and Paranoid City has maed this night a memorable one for me. 

Should I organize gigs again? Well, hopefully, I can. 

(Part 3 coming up very, very soon!)

Author: slickmaster | © 2018 september twenty-eight productions

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