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Monday, January 01, 2018

'17 Nights To Remember (Part 1)

01/01/2018 07:17:12 PM 

Regardless of how fiery it has been on all cylinders, it's undeniable that the year 2017 has been a wonderful year. Right in the midst of the mid-2010s band explosion, we have seen it brought a lot of good shits in our Philippine world of music (and we mean quality here, by the way). 

Yours truly have made it to a number of gigs curated by various production outfits (in fact, more than I attended for the past two years). These also include some of the biggest concerts and music festivals that has solely focused on out homegrown talents. That said, here are 17 nights that really left a mark in '17... well, at least for me.

Raymund Marasigan (Sandwich)
1. Jack TV MAD FEST 2017 (11 November 2017; Globe Circuit Events Center, Makati City; Solar Entertainment)

It was the second time I hit Circuit Makati, and Jack TV's second staging as well (with the first held in 2015). And covering it for my day job is nothing but an exhilarating night considering the ASEAN carmaggedon that hampered Manila's major thoroughfares. It was an extremely special night from the dance crews to acts starting from The Ransom Collective all the way to Parokya Ni Edgar, plus the DJ sets that set the party tone keeping up til the wee hours, with the stage setup being the only flaw from the close-range.

2. Paranoid City METROPOLITAN album launch (28 April 2017; saGuijo, Makati City; Paranoid City/Trust The Process)

It was a long six-year wait for the synth pop quartet to release a new record that defied the age and defined change for them. Even for one Friday night in late April, the titos of Paranoid City proved they have a lot left in tank with an album that has proven the band's versatility in terms of lead vocal chores and reaching a full transition of sound from what they have in Viewfinder Dreams (2011). It's just sad that we didn't have a tito show band for the after-party.

3. Tanya Markova HIGH-END music video launch (9 September 2017; 70s Bistro, Quezon City; Tanya Markova)

When Tanya Markova launched their long-awaiting album Mister Tililing in 2016, I partly knew that one of the tracks there can be a sure-fire hit – different from what naysayers have been nitpicking on them. And High-End is just one single thing that can prove them wrong. While I then can't say the necessarily the same thing about its music video, that fateful night of September 9 has brought lot of Tanyakis/TTS (a.k.a. Totoong Tanyakis Squad)/members of Tililing Nation inside The 70s Bistro in Quezon city in a night full of hilarious shock pop music, with Jana Garcia  and BennyBunnyBand backing them right beforehand.

4. Carousel Casualties MADISON EP Launch (19 May 2017; saGuijo, Makati City; Carousel Casualties/Trust The Process)

Cris Ramos and Trust The Process has been on the roll for the first half of the month. Look: three weeks after Paranoid City launch METROPOLITAN, his other band Carousel Casualties made waves in mid-May with MADISON as a result of the massive reformation they undergo in October 2018. can't be more proud of this young pop rock band  who sent the kids rocking 'til past midnight, with other yuppies like Rob and The Hitmen and Banna Harbera co-piloting the kickstart portion of the night.

5. Tagaytay Art Beat 2 (4 Feburary 2017; Museo Orlina, Tagaytay City; Museo Orlina x Docdef Productions)

Docdef Productions and Museo Orlina's sudden surprise in February received a lot of fruits despite setting skyrocketing prices. It's no question that the second staging of Tagaytay Art Beat has been well-received by many, with exhbits taking over the halls of museum, food stalls waged at the nearby Maganda Hotel, and even the circulating hoax death news of Ely Buendia help TAB2's aftermath publicity. Heck, running the show for nearly 15 hours isn't a joke at all, from Rob and The Hitmen at 12:30 noon to Jensen and The Flips at nearly 4AM.

IV Of Spades
6. SANTELMO Halloween Music Fest (28 October 2017; 19 East, Muntinlupa City; Sindikato Inc. x Revolver Productions)

In an action-packed weekend, Sindikato and Revolver teamed up to stage an evening full of fun, and it turned out really well with headliners Mayonnaise kicking off the evening, Callalily once again gracing the stage of always-superb 19 East, Autotelic and IV Of Spades getting everyone to groove, and Ben & Ben providing chill vibes at the near-wee hours. And hell, they're just part of a 12-band night in front of over 300 people in attendance!

Dong Abay and Joey Ayala
The Rest is Noise Yearend (25 November 2017, Century City Mall, Makati City; The Rest Is Noise/Vandals Entertainment/Gabi Na Naman Productions)

November 25 was one date in the year 2017 wherein it featured two massive music festivals mostly comprised of youngsters. While the controversy forced organizers to tweak their lineup and lose some of current bigwigs (and intrigued at the same time), it ended up a win-win situation for both producers and fans.

And The Rest is Noise isn't spared from this fact. Two years after their solid – and jam-packed yearend parties – producers Ian Urrutia and Mary Christine Galang took the TRIN yearend stage and hype to a more sizable, convenient and eloquent-looking Century City Mall in Makati City. With 21 performers in over 15 hours, plus generating massive buss from the preparation stages to the day itself, TRIN showed why they are one of THE names in the scene today. Honored to be of part of the entire crew for the afternoon and evening of variety.

(Part 2 coming up soon!)

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