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Monday, October 16, 2017

The Rundown Slam: PWR Live Oktoberplex

10/15/2017 11:28:30 PM

It's been half-a-year since the last time I have seen a Philippine Wrestling Revolution show. Obviously, there are new faces and new stories that they are trying to tell everyone. And I may have felt lagged behind by so faraway distance, but at least I'm still trying to keep up with their developments that are barely told and exposed through their social media pages.

And while they have shifted from Pasig back to their home city in Makati – specifically, to the near northern portion of Circuit – it's interesting that PWR has been grasping in new and innovative matches, especially in such manner that they are now providing the Filipino counterpart to what has been the likes of WWE's Survivor Series.

Well, while we will have to wait for another month to witness PWR Vendetta and their “Ubusan Ng Lahi” tag team elimination match (plus any signs of developments prior to that), PWR Live has joined the October-fest bandwagon of event-naming rights when they staged their October edition of PWR Live show titled “Oktoberplex” (with a poster that showed Mike Madrigal and that ass of Chris Panzer).

Any by the looks of it, it is more fun than the name sake: probably more saitsfying than beer.

And after nearly five hours of all-out intensity and totally-physical paced show, PWR Live Oktoberplex was a teaser of what will be coming for their next big thing which is Vendetta. It definitely helped that  Billy Suede's last match was another one for the books as he went defeated over a newcomer and fellow Canadian. Forget the roll-up pinfall finish as it probably meant to happen instead of killing Suede's character in a very typical fashion. 

It's actually strange that within just a matter of seconds, the fallen villain become a babyface once again since his tag team act with JDL at APCC. It's probably the last you can expect for somebody to turn that easily; but given this as his curtain call inside the soil of the Philippine wrestling scene, it's not that hard to see why.

Interesting to see how The Trabajadores' tales has been brewing as well as the feud between Apocalypse and Vlad (Whew! That escalated quickly!). If you missed the pre-show, you might have just missed an interesting news to feed on. And with two dark characters circling each other for a short span of time, this could probably steal the show the next time around. You can never tell a spoiler, but these two may absolutely go mental.

Crystal's turning back on Martivo and Robynn was some kind of nasty, but with the obvious different personality she has from the two, it's not really that hard to see why. Still, though. Still.

I have to question on some motives, like the most notable: in last sequence on why Peter Versoza's too early timing to get into the ring before he put up his move. (Like hey, are you supposed to stop them right away or you should've stayed outside the ring for momentarily) That's probably one of the signs why he's badly criticized (in terms of his character development) during one of those episodes from the Smark Gilas Pilipinas.

The Tag Team match was another standout due to its comical timing. And at least, they booked the Kakaibros into something more relevant. This proved how they are embarking more people involved into the title picture soon, apart from the typical 2-crew only fashion. And probably, the cycle will continue for at least giving them the spotlight they badly needed. However, I pray for Vendetta to come and let TDT and ECX will have the tag team golds – and let the comedy roll around the entire roster continue.

But aside from having Yellow Cab (and mentioning them for like 1083190321 times in 1028120912 minutes) as their sponsor, Oktoberfest's most notable character appears to be Sandata. This was his afternoon from the twists of character and sides. On how he withstood temptation from his true calling. The question, however, will he really stick with the Good Guys of Mr. Sy, or he will pull off another turn of fate?

For around 400 pesos, almost 4.5 hours, and a centered only-lighting at the venue, this show proved its worth for the money. I kinda wish they could have spotlights or portion of house lights once the action spilled over the rows and stands.

It's actually strange not being able to see PWR's actual resident hero in JDL (Get well soon, buddy!) perform in either mic or in-ring, but the show still turned out beautiful as it gets.

Author: slickmaster | © 2017 The SlickMaster's Files

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