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Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Scene Around: saGuijo Presents

09/03/17 11:21:47 AM

It's strange to notice we have two consecutive 'long weekends' staged at the month of August. Well, yes, but it's undeniable that it rolls in our favor because rest... ya know.

While I am supposed to hit down South last August 26, I was offered to partake on a role that I can never (ever!) refuse. Because... why should I?! Is this even a damn valid question?. 

And the plot twist? Everything is all set – I just have to execute things and worry less. Four bands were in the curation: We Are Imaginary, Imago, MilesExperience and BenyBunnyBand; all in a Saturday evening where one bar have probably dominated the gate attendance receipts – plus there's also Foo Fighters in Singapore.

It was barely the first time that somebody entrust me to manage an event, more by doing so alone. The program went on for three hours, but I have to do a better job of hearing the monitors better (sorry, Ahmad!). 

While it's rare to have a Black-Saturday like scene at the bards, that probably paved a chance for me to strut one of my passionate shits after a very long while. That's aside from being the man (to look for) of the hour.

Still, props to the OG of the music scene, Mr. Cris Ramos for opportunity to handle this momentarily. Now I have another item checked on my bucketlist. But who knows? I might considering holding gigs soon (well, if circumstances will permit me).

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