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Sunday, September 17, 2017

The Scene Around: #iBlog13 - The 13th Philippine Blogging Summit

09/03/2017 06:14:58 PM

After 13 years, it is not safe to say the Philippine Blogging Summit had just got lucky to made it to the halls of Malcolm Theater once again. But maybe, blessed (or in very colloquial terms, #blesst) is the fitting word.

Running iBlog, just like any other event, is no joke; and having responsible blogging and social media violence as the main theme for this year is just in time for its dire need, especially at the rampaging times of social media violence wherein black propagandas and hao shaos have been twisting the public perception thru fake news blogs spreading like wildfire all over the social media.

While it's obvious that I can't absorb all the learnings for iBlog13 (especially the fact that I have to leave the premises at early 9AM because of a sudden mishap), I can only utter few takes about whatever just happened during the summit.

Starting the morning thru a duo of youngsters that deals with social media copywriting and finance matters is like seeing a bunch of new generation of bloggers taking over – very seriously. I for particularly enjoyed Justine Lara Chua's talk which involves creativity and authenticity on making blog posts, which involves detailed content and more personal approach in writing. 

Apart from that, hearing talks of a potential blogging community has put everyone in check with the discussion that's scorching that the heat outside Malcolm Hall.

Of course, monetizing blogs will always be part of the usual talks alongside the signature legal issues, but introducing cryptocurrency as a tool in online payment and money seems strangely interesting to say the least. 

While the last two iBlog summits has shown decline on having attendants (which saddens me, actually), I have to commend Janette Toral and Atty. JJ Disini for still putting up the event for there are still and more people that has been going to this kind of field. 

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