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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Almost Breaking the Fourth Wall

09/03/2017 04:35:46 PM

The past two weeks ago saw these two fought fire with fire, garnering a lot of buzz during the airing of Monday Night RAW.

And frankly they are still doing it on a lesser time exposure and a quality that dwindled a bit.

However, why not to give a fuss about? By the looks: it appear Vince McMahon seems to listen to the world right now. Because whatever you heard in this full video clip appears to be a bunch of sentiments from the Internet Wrestling Community (IWC), a pool of wrestling fans and smarks who regularly (and religiously) following the wrestling shows, and that includes the World Wrestling Entertainment, too. From fantasy bookings and rumors, the fans rave and rant over the cyberspace about anything and everything about the current landscape of the WWE.

It seems they are trying to win the IWC again even if they don't have to. And on the other side, it could be more of the trolling ways the E can do. Let's face it: while we yap about our fantasy bookings and trying to debunk rumors, the WWE always find a way to decrypt us and prove us wrong.

Yes, this is a WrestleMania-type match; you got a franchise player and a supposedly heir apparent to him. Two polarizing figures that has blurred the line between faces and heels; two wrestlers/sports entertainers who amass massive mixed reactions from arenas, television screens, and computing devices that has been connected by the internetworks.

This could be actually an interesting feud after Roman's program with Braun Strowman and Cena with AJ Styles (Sorry, Mike Mizanin!). But why staged the battle at No Mercy, a C- pay-per-view? Because the WWE tries to elevate their status of PPVs. The only problem here, though, is their attempt of alleviating the quality of booking in such a not-so-gradual way. Heck, they could even go for a match at Survivor Series if they can (but we'll never know, right?) by headlining teams between RAW and SmackDown considering Cena's status as a 'free agent.'

The verbal tussle appears top be one of the best mic moments for the year; but had we seen things as perfectly as one? No. Let's face it: John Cena has been one of the best guys when throwing up a promo, with Paul Heyman, the Miz, Stephanie McMahon, Triple H, Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho, and even Seth Rollins joining the fray in doing so. Heck, he even reminds me of how Steph delivers her Authority promo – way thunderous than her husband.

And Roman Reigns, while trying to stray away from being the “less talker” guy like Brock Lesnar, has shown nothing but evident flaws in delivery. While he managed to pull massive punches, there's an obvious pitfalls in throwing 'dead air'-like pauses, and that has damaged his flaw to the slightest degree. Hey, if he didn't have those bombs is his barbs, he could've been distinguished for being a choke king like those rappers in the battle league.

This be an interesting feud, and we probably have seen its baby steps which aren't as strong as their mouths. We could only hope to salvage them by the coming weeks – and at No Mercy.

Author: slickmaster | © 2017 The SlickMaster's Files

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