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Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Scene Around: Carousel Casualties Madison EP Tour

07/07/2017 02:04:18 AM

It was the mid-May when Carousel Casualties launched their EP titled Madison wherein close to a hundred people – young and not-so-young – were be able to witness the madness in unison brught by the indie rock quartet of Emmie Villegas, Pau Villanueva, Jot Nicanor, and Xavier Lucente.

But the first success was followed up by another gig that promotes Madison, and it took place mid-June at the Unit 27 Bar and Cafe in Bonifacio Global City. 

The gig started a bit late from the usual, but managed to keep up as Tom's Story, Farewell Fair Weather, Runway Hits, and Cheats joined the party and has set them ablaze in front of the youngsters in a mid-week night affair. 

And this was an extra special moment for me as I finally have seen Runway Hits for porbably the first time since August 2016. And yes, it was a different lineup (vocalist and guitarist speaking) but somehow managed to keep themselves up (though slowly) back at the pace as one of the young but lively alternative bands.

Hearing Cheats in a somewhat different set of songs somehow mesmerized me for a second. They weren't that Animal, but that shows how they are moving forward – and probably versatile in vareity of offerings. Well, we need that in out bands.

It was probably an intimate gig for the full-band setup of CC in the entirety of their bar tour series, with bright red lights literally backing them up. Certainly, this is something they really need before embarking on a challenging era.

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