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Thursday, July 06, 2017

The Rundown Slam: WWE Money in the Bank 2017

06/28/2017 05:07:34 PM

Photo credits: Sportkeeda
A few months ago, me and one of my elder buddies in the music scene (who's also a wrestling fan) that goes by the name of Cris Ramos debated that Money in the Bank should've been a non-exclusive pay-per-view (PPV) event. But of course, it's not gonna happen at all as SmackDown live, home to the WWE Champion, is the house of their alternate-to-the-first biggest individual prize. That said, the blue brand is the home of Money in the Bank. 

And while women of RAW had the Hell in a Cell last year, the ladies of SmackDown Live made history by putting up their own MITB ladder match. Kicking them off was a good decision, but the finish – albeit the original purpose of Carmella getting the heel heat – was as distasteful as it gets. Sure it garnered the important element her side-chick needs to establish her character at present, but the executed finish was way more than just a huge botch, and the aftermath couldn't control the damage done. Somebody should've seen this coming and instead resort to have an authority figure to restart the match instead of giving the MITB match on free TV as it devalued the name of Money In The Bank itself (something I actually learned on hearing Stan Sy's opinion regarding specialized matches).

Money in the Bank remained a solid Sunday night outing for most part, with the Hype Bros clearly hyping everyone out in the kickoff show, a hometown hero segment for the WWE title match between champ Jinder Mahal and St. Louis' own Randy Orton. I kinda wish the legends row was really a legends row for the entire evening, and not just the entire stretch of the championship contest.

The Fashion Police vs. The Ascension might looked they were given a chance to wrestle in their special night, but their program appeared to be just one-night only, and probably better off in SD Live. But maybe, they have been either stacked or they just don't give a shit for these midcard/jabronies.

I thought we will be seeing a new Women's Champion in Lana. But wrestling business can be about trolling the fans sometimes. And it made sense that Naomi retains the white-and-blue belt after sending the Ravishing Lana in submission. Hey, you're in your first singles match, and do you expect to pull off a wrestling activity. Still, hats off for putting up a fight. At least you can wrestle with more skill set than both the 2010 Cena and 2014 Reigns.

Baron Corbin was this year's Money in the Bank. And it was somehow made sense, considering Vince' actual preference of winners – big alpha male omega guy (AMOG, in case you are familiar to the book “The Game”). No wonder he's pushing shoving Roman Reigns into our throats, right? It made sense why Shinsuke's SmackDown tease remained a tease. Despite being taken out early in the match, he looked strong; thus, earning the moniker King Of Strong Style no matter how WWE has clearly disregarded in calling such.

Still, can't discount the fact that MITB was the so far, the worse PPV since the brand extension. It fell downward thanks to the early clusterfuck of creative's decision that involves James Ellsworth.

The Verdict: 7.2

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