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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

The Rundown Slam: WWE Extreme Rules 2017

06/30/17 03:43:54 AM

Photo credits: WWE, Bleacher Report
We get it. Braun's (then) out, so that prospect match with Roman Reigns was shelved, and probably we have expected that to be carried on by the likes of Dean Ambrose and The Miz. And by the first look, Exterme Rules wouldn't have been salvaged if: (1) the former Intercontinental Champ wasn't sent to RAW as part of the Superstar Shake-up; and (2) the Hardy Boyz surprise return. 

You got a bunch of average guys who rarely (if not 'not at all') do hardcore wrestling, plus a bratty-cutie women's champion and a darer who looks like another PG cartoon wannabe superhero, and the only close characteristics you have is an extended rivalry comprised of two crusierweights who could put on a lights-out show in the middle of a boring program and crowd. So that said, how does the WWE make this Extreme Rules an indeed a night of their namesake?

The Intercontinental Championship match was well-played. It looked htye don't need to put on the extreme rules stipulation on it, because it has pushed Dean Ambrose's character and the match stipulation itself (which is if Ambrose disqualifies, he will lose the title) to the extremities. That is one heck of a match of the year candidate without the aid of going the outer limits.

And the mixed tag team match may appear to be very unnecessary addition, only if ut's nnot for the hometown hero Rich Swann. And it seems to me that champions can overcome true love no matter what. Well, I frankly believe in work collaboration than romance.

And that Elias Samson debut is a step towards his introduction as a hell on RAW. But still I don't dig his gimmick.

The SmackDown women's championship match proved one thing: the staleness of Bayley. Nah, she can't do extreme. Her character development was a fluke. But moreover, the match didn't live up to the event name. Let's face it: it was nothing but crap. Even a simple falls count anywhere match between Charlotte and Sasha Banks was way extreme than this kendo stick on a pole match. It didn't give fair share nto Bayley and instead put the helm on their titlist. Sure, they garnered much sympathy from the crowd, but it was nothing more. What's next for her? Hopefully ditch the hugger gig, or be don't sawft like Enzo Amore.

The Steel Cage match for the tag team championship somehow was another match of the year candidate, with The Hardy Boyz almost on their usual-extreme selves. But I think the call for the new champs Sheamus and Cesaro somehow gave this feud a new chapter to work on, and this might not be just another nostalgic act and icons.

The Cruiserweight championship match could be one of the longest for the evening, and was considered part of the must-watch for the night, and it certainly proved it worth with submission match as its stipulation. However, as an average fan, it kinda frustrates me to see Austin Aries emerge from being a hot returnee into a fluke. I wonder if this rivalry will be extended soon? I wish not. But of course we could've seen him winning the CW title over Neville. However, the finish somehow proved why the former NXT Champion is indeed the King of the Cruiserweights, from mind games to executing both of his signature finishers.

This Extreme Rules match did not really lived up to their name. It only looked for being an ordinary fatal-5 way match wherein people wreak havoc everywhere, but it's nowhere with the extremities, and certainly the length did alleviate the level. No one really heard the chants of 15 thousand people's “bring the table.” 

If there is an upside to this, it's the fact that RAW producers picked Samoa Joe to get his hands on Brock Lesnar come Great Balls of Fire, and it has paid dividends during the succeeding RAW episodes wherein he really positioned himself as a credible grave threat to the reign of the Beast Incarnate and not just another blabber wimp who just wants to visit Suplex City. Plus, I loved the fact that his temporary alliance with Bray Wyatt clicked very well. But their double-cross sent these two to oblivion once again, but that's quite natural considering the nature of multiple-men match.

Finn Balor's appearance as an ordinary guy was already an  obvious statement that he's going to be less spectacular and lesser chance of being victorious.

Roman's exposure was lesser than equal and would've thought of him being the winner at the end, but good thing never happened. And too bad Seth Rollins wound up as the only guy who never got his finisher used on someone else. Poor kingslayer.

Despite having only steel chair as the handed material used, that made Joe's street cred built without much of the fans expectations (unless you all clearly root him in your predictions).

Overall, Extreme Rules is NOT the Extreme Rules that we knew at all. It was indeed worse. Did not lived up to the name. Another shameful booking, RAW.

The Verdict: 6.7

Author: slickmaster | © 2017 The SlickMaster's Files

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