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Friday, July 07, 2017

The Fête de la Musique 2017 Experience

06/28/2017 03:32:42 PM

Two years ago, I attended my first ever World Music Day – commonly known as its French originator Fête de la Musique. And it was an astonishing memory as I too part of the indie stage as part of the organizing groups wherein almost 20 bands performed in front of more than 1,000 attendants inside the 12 Monkeys Music Hall and Pub at Century City Mall, Makati City. 

But it was in 2017 when I went back to this worldwide phenomenon again – this time, as a fan who roamed around various places in Makati City only to hear a whole lot of variety.

First stop as actually the acoustic stage located at the Gallery of A Space Greenbelt. I kinda love the atmosphere this place has offered to everyone. Its white walls and displays of gray-scaled photographs compliment the cold temperature despite being flocked by people. It doesn't get as cozy and intimate as this.

Wish I could've stayed longer – or rather, before the first performer hit the stage – but as far as the schedules are concerned, I have to hit the indie stage located in a distant Century Mall for Rob & The Hitmen.

And after hitting 6,000+ people in attendance, the indie stage moved to a space that is relatively smaller to what they have last year. Too bad, I only stayed in the venue for mere 20 minute since I only want to see RATH and then-aiming to go back later in the evening.

Why? Because seeing Paranoid City and Carousel Casualties are my other top agendas either.

So my third stop for this Fete 2017 tour was the MOD stage located in Alchemy Bar, just a few blocks away from the other stages of indie and blue-soul-funk. And the show may have started at around 4:40 PM – or twenty minutes earlier than their scheduled time (5:00 PM), but few people were already in their tables as the synth pop band has set everything up. Somehow, it was enough to set the MOD stage of fire in the late afternoon; and it was even more lit when the young garage rock took over. Certainly, nothing was wasted on the young – and we mean the audiences and time frame.

I stayed around the venue after the set of Carousel Casualties and witnessed other bands like KISSLING and Blue Way rocked the stage as the sun set things are about to get hotter by the early evening in this city. 

The clock ticks at 7:00PM, and me, along with my partner and friends from Carousel Casualties, Apartel keyboardist RJ Pineda and his dad hit by H&J Sports Bar and Restaurant to see what's inside the Blues, Soul, and Funk Stage.  

One of the recent hot tags is this band from College of St. Benilde called Ang Bagong Luto ni Enriquez. Judging by the name, looks like they are quite eager to deliver something, right? And with the fact that I experienced hearing them live (even for just half of their set) proved that these five kids are quite living to their promises for now. Okay, I won't be that hard then.

But hearing Rob & the Hitmen for the second time wasn't part of the plan but turned out to be a bonus gem of the night for me. Why not? I had the front row ground and a somewhat spectacular setup next to Alchemy Bar, which prompted me to unleash the amateurish mobile photographer in me for the next 30 minutes or so.

From Poblacion, we went to the known district of Brgy. San Antonio as The Collective housed three stages for Fete De La Musique, and one of them were at the sunny-atmosphere of Aloha Bar and Grill where the Island Music Stage is located. 

The vibe was quite different from the typical outings, though. It was scorching hot that even my towels werenb't able to handle my sweat issues, but nonetheless I still enjoyed their offering as Ysango and The Oemons rocked the venue during those times. 

Then, me and General Miss A hit the last stop of this itinerary – at saGuijo for the rock stage. It may looked an iconic night but the over-flowing crowd just made me decide to stay outside the establishment's doors and leave the numerous and ruckus crowd to live the moment. 

Could've thought of going back to acoustic and indie stages but the fatigue just wrecked everything up. Boo! So I ended up staying next door and hang aroudn with the peeps of Mad Cat Midnight. 

More than three hours later, and it's the shock pop group's time to shine – and a fat chance to get inside this heatin' place . It's quite funny to notice these dudes were slamming to the music of Tanya Markova at 1:00 AM. This scenery might even look better when we were at B-Side but I'm not complaining. Yes, it may be the unusual hot, but it seems everyone had a great time.

But somewhat I have to move out at the end of their set and that concluded my Fete de la Musique sojourn. Six stage for just one exhausting Saturday afternoon and evening at Makati City. Despite the cancellation of two main stages, the 30+ pocket stages still went on; thus, proving that the music scene is very alive and kicking and will never be tamed by the recent mishaps.

Author: slickmaster | © 2017 The SlickMaster's Files

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