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Sunday, July 23, 2017

StopOver: Aloha Bar and Grill

07/22/2017 11:55:32 PM

In the outskirts of San Antonio, Makati near the PNR line and just in front of a police station, the words “The Collective” would always ring a bell, but the infamous B-Side would topple them the most. Unless you are a frequent visitor of PADRE, Wingman, and the now-closed Ukulele Philippines.

But apart from the mentioned, there are lot of stalls that comprised The Collective, and one of them is named as if there's Hawaiian vibe that exists in this archipelago.

Make no mistake about it: Aloha Bar and Grill may have installed that sunny-like atmosphere and be relatively small just like those known music bars. But they are one of the underrated nightout spots in the Metro, located at the farthest (and hottest) corner of TC.

There were times where visitors can even give the ukuleles a try. But it was on the heydays of We Are The Underdog Productions that gave this stall a huge boost to the extent that independent play and Quid Pro Quo has made Aloha Bar and Grill part of the 32 pocket stages for this year's Fete de la Musique.

Burn Mercado's wit and creativity has been a recognizable factor why Aloha is on a roll, from booking productions and gigs to band-inspired menu.

Aloha Bar and Grill offers good cheap eats from their Hawaiian-inspired gastronomic grill dishes to a whole kind of different-but-good variety (and that includes their SPAM Musubi, by the way) and an even cheaper array of beer products. Imagine that for less than 200-250 pesos, you could spare yourself from starvation while having a good time with musicians ranging from soloists like Neala Medina, Nukki Nava, Rich Caramat and Gian Bernal to already recognizable indie bigwigs like BennyBunnyBand, Carousel Casualties, The Oemons, and Ang Bandang Shirley; plus the open-mic performers on a randomly-scheduled night.

Just hope that either PADRE or B-SIDE didn't have a big night of their own or that will spoil a bit of your stay at Aloha.

That said, for a  warming vibe to chill, Aloha Bar is the place to be. They serve happiness and it comes in a more variety of ways than one.

The Verdict: 8.7

Aloha Bar and Grill is located at The Collective, 7274 Malugay Street. Makati City, and operates from 3:00 AM  to 2:00 AM, Mondays to Saturdays (with events mostly slated every Wednesdays to Saturdays).

Author: slickmaster | © 2017 The SlickMaster's Files

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