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Sunday, July 09, 2017


07/07/2017 02:21:54 AM

It's been two weeks since this happened on WWE's flagship program Monday Night RAW. And this might sound like a double cross candidate since the SHIELD in the 2014. But somehow, there's something beneath the lack of execution and its aftermath.

However, this made me think for a second: Big Cass and Enzo split up? This might look not well in the overall picture. Did this happen too early or too soon?

Maybe because they went stale in my eyes. I mean they were championship contenders before. One is a smack-talker while another one is a hell of a monster waiting to unfold. They were a perfect combo, except from the probable fact that it's getting more saturated and annoying more than “My Yard” and Suplex City. Heck, their progress as characters in the tandem division were so stagnant that they were eventually overtaken by Cesaro and Sheamus. (and saying that the latter two were veterans than them might prove a point but not enough).

Heck, they even looked like the split of the Primetime Players. But of course, come the Great Balls of Fire, Colin Cassidy will eventually emerged to become one of steadily singles competitor in the main roster right now – just like Titus O'Neil.

What's next for Enzo Amore? Could this be a sign for him to go to the Cruiserweights and flaunt more of his physical skillset than verbal? We could only hope so.

The problem with RAW is that they have a n overload of talents as individual performers, but has seemingly reduced one tag team where they needed the most, considering The Revival injured, and leaving the likes of Sheasaro, The Club, and  The Hardy Boyz as the eye-able members of the division. And somehow, Monday Night program took a two-step backward wherein they are already taking a lot of babysteps forward.

Damn, that split looked SAWFT at all.

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