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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

PlayBack: Stereodeal - New Jersey

07/07/2017 06:15:58 PM

Mid-June turned out to be the very first time I encounter the stompboxer's band called Stereodeal and it was just in time for the launch of the music video of a song that is so emotional in the part of the singer-songwriter-guitarist.

By the looks, it's like two similar-yet-different worlds converged in a sort of deep art-staring frames that somehow exemplifies that one thing about the song “New Jersey” – depressing; there's an angst lying between both in melody and storytelling. Proving that such emotional state doesn't need to be displayed in colorless frames. The portrayal of Vinni Misa here nearly overshadowed Adrian Arcega's emotional cryout.

This falls down into one of another examples of why this guy right there is such a remarkable talent in so many ways than one. A depressingly beautiful song (and not in a bad way), and a music video that may look very typical in some way, but differs from the art it perceives.

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