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Saturday, July 08, 2017

PlayBack: MilesExperience – Sunshine

07/07/2017 04:53:22 PM

It was a ruckus-and-rockin' 2016 for this soul-jazz-blues band known as MilesExperience; from launching two Filipino songs and music videos into their debut album. And the surprises just kept on pouring as MCA Music signed them as part of the flourishing roster of bands from the independent music scene.

And probably we all wonder: what's actually next for Miles Bondoc, Tim Dadivas, Justin Teano, Ian Diaz, and Guido Hizon? Now they are signed and more exposed, where this quintet will go? 

Challenges of making new music are always present, and probably this is just the first of the series of results: walking their happy trail with Sunshine.

I'm probably late to the trend, first heard this during their live gig at saGuijo (the bar's 13th anniversary), and just did the catch-up thing when they formally launched the canned version in their Spotify account by Friday midnight.

Hmmm... This track has brought what they are promising to deliver come their second album, eh? Sure, they brought up a roller-coaster emotional ride in the entirety of their Again & Against. But if this was supposed to be made a happy song? I think MilesExperience well-played on making Sunshine. They definitely took a full turnaround swing from the usual sultry mixture of blues-jazz-soul-rock into pop alternative rock without leaving their core elements totally behind. Was even livelier than their A&A's uplifting-like song called Down. Much intense than combined Mogwai and Home

And the cover were inspired by Sgt. Pepper; a clear distinction where the art – in both visual and auditory forms – was really inspired from; quite one thing in common with Down, if you ask me.

Watch out, MilesExperience may not be a sun, but this band is on the rise again. And it will be shining (and shimmering) yellow than any politically retarded liberals. Mind you.

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