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Thursday, July 27, 2017

PlayBack: Jensen and The Flips – Honeymoon (album)

07/26/2017 12:40:01 AM

I've been dying to do this album review since this month last year since July actually marked the formal launching of this record that has probably set them in the stratosphere of the current independent music scene.

No wonder, no doubt, and make no mistake about it. Jensen Gomez may have been just another pretty face in the stage. But he has the skills of a songwriter to back up his charisma – and sometimes, his humane-like comical antics. And nothing was really lost when he decided to relegate himself from being a soloist to a band person. It's just so happened that he makes his wanted craft in his own ways possible – and that goes to the entirety of his seven-man pool called Jensen and The Flips.

And Honeymoon appears to be their first icing on the cake when they overhauled “Lovechild” and “Used to Be” in such forms where they sounded more similar to their live renditions and has given them the flair and romance in their sound that is so fusion that everyone wouldn't be really confused of.

Probably fusion was their key to success here when they converge the ballad and soul writings, and the sort of old school pop and rhythm-and-blues mixture into the current alternative rock setup. And the elements of instruments were so evident that if they missed the keys, they automatically sounded like they're all screwed up (Try “Lovechild” without the keys as a prime example) .

The first words of “Used To Be” was an instant hook-up calling, as well as the intros for almost every song. But nothing beats on how JxF has made them on the first track. And upon the track listings, it appears this Honeymoon wasn't really the honeymoon we used to know. It swerved emotions though the paces on each track. One moment you go Slow, the next time around you went even slower. 

It's probably as similar to sex when the highest point is obviously placed in the middle before slowing and wasn't able to get back up and decides to call a resolution.

Honeymoon was a crazy ride like being stirred upon the sounds and words. But it certainly brought more than just promises and being an evolution of Jensen and The Flips. And with a crazy cult they amassed for over the past years, you can only question what is next for these seven young guns aside from only direction they are towering right now which is up.

The Verdict: 8

Hand-picked: Used To Be, Not This Time, Dangerous, Crazy

Author: slickmaster | © 2017 The SlickMaster's Files

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