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Friday, July 28, 2017

In The End...

07/25/2017 10:51:08 PM

Photo credits: Linkin Park via Twitter
Honestly, I don't know why I should write this piece. First and foremost, I'm not even a fan (though I don't hate them either). They are probably one of the fewest names which my elders would tell that I should refrain from patronizing to. Because in their eyes, the then-hit thing called “rock music” is nothing but mere disturbing noise.

However, the curious innocent in me would still roll, but never been hindered by the defying call of the traditionalists. I first heard about Linkin Park on 2000, when one of their music videos circulated the airwaves of VidOK, a karaoke-and-music channel that was later evolved (and succeeded) by a more-known Myx. It was In The End, with the most vivid image in my mind was a guy who jumped while playing his guitar as Chester Bennington uttered the first words of the chorus for the second time. 

And even if there are likes of One Step Closer, Crawlin'Points of Authority, and Papercut (which I later heard during the throwback programs in Manila FM radio), In The End still prevailed over my ear drums and memory membrane.

Aside from that, I heard LP's other tracks – especially the post-Mike Shinoada era, the Collission Course with Jay-Z, their staying-at-the-helm days during the late 2000s wherein other pop rock bands emerged to the world mainstream music scene. Songs like Bleed It OutWhat I've Done, Waiting For The End and Shadow of The Day were part of Magic 89.9's pre-recorded automated playlist that airs during the wee hours of Saturdays, Sundays, and in case Sheryll Louise Crystal or Pat Jamlang wasn't around for the Daybreak.

But apart from these, I still have yet to hear the freshest things they offer from the recent years to the present. 

I am still awed by the fact that one huge LP fan has made it to the premises of CCP and lived his dream. Yes, that Ronald Ladines' one-day autobiography to Meteora was one of my so-many favorite articles to read from that now-defunct POPsicle (music magazine). 

I remembered hearing What I've Done when I appreciated the first Transformers movie in 2009. 

I still remember hearing Given Up as part of a basketball highlight reel aired on TV (not sure if that's PBA or NBA) way back then – and that triggered me to make a practice video highlight reel of my own (because I was also a frustrated video editor and then-ignorant about the shiznits of downloading).

But these moments does not define me being a fan of Linkin Park, nor any of the musician groups. And probably, never will, and I don't really mind.

Last Friday's news about the sudden death of Chester Bennington has sent shockwaves to everyone who listens to them around the world, and that includes yours truly. Seeing them on Twitter and Facebook made me actually think twice considering of how fakery and manipulative people can be on social media. 

But when the news bigwigs confirmed them already, damn... He's really gone too soon. Ironic that he took his own life at the birthday of Chris Cornell, another rockstar who passed away earlier this year. It was Bennington who sang during the Cornell's funeral rite.

And ironic that he's already calling for help without us noticing it.

Probably because not all of us can't really read between the lines.

Suicide appears to be the ultimatum of a depressed person. And downplaying depression – or mental issues in general – is a sign of someone who's totally-politically incorrect. 

I think we all need to be that someone who gives hugs (real or virtual) to everyone who battles their personal demons inside their minds and out.

Gone too soon, Chester. Rest in power, rock in peace. In the end, it still matter... you still matter.

Author: slickmaster | © 2017 The SlickMaster's Files

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