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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Tough Times

06/08/2017 05:47:29 PM

The last week of May (and also, the first week of June) turned out to be a series of very rough times for the people around the world. We have seen people acting like killer crabs by attempting to terrorize the surroundings from a concert to an ordinary day at the city. No one was spared from these man-made catastrophes that left a lot, especially at the crime sites, in traumatic state of mind.

That bombing in Manchester left a bad taste in the mouths of Ariana Grande and her massive cult followers. The fact that Marawi has been bombarded by Maute group has put the public into another political war against each other. And the same thing goes to those gunshots and robbery incidents at Resorts World Manila. 

While the findings says it was a bad robbery case – and even if the culprit didn't shoot anyone – but the moment he raised his baby armalite, became trigger-happy with it, and set the casino tables on fire, has given horrific resemblances; something most of us would be seeing on those Fundamentalist-themed action movies like The Kingdom.

Terrorism doesn't happen on these evil-intended fiascos. It could profound to even having a long-term effect as its aftermath. It is probably another product of conspiracy theories. It could inflict everyone to be more skeptical than usual, more cautious than the usual, and these 'more' are already considered excessive. 

And nothing goes right if you have taken certain things for already too much. You have already lived in fear. You might be thinking twice of going out. Negativity rules not just on your social media feed, but also in your mindset. And unless you're apolitical, you might tend to see this shamble gets messier as the tick of the clock goes by and people lose their common senses and blame it on politics.

Those could be the signs that terrorism had won over you already. How will you fight back? Tough scenario, right? It's easier to retaliate by using the timeless-yet-barbaric “fight fire with fire.” But not all scenarios will not have resolutions that way. 

Maybe still keeping your head up high does. Maybe just staying alert and wired could help. Maybe, not letting fear interfere your mindset completely is one heck of a solution. If you're quite religious, maybe praying – and using religion the way it should be – does a lot.

And the usual 'vigilant' rules which citizens should inform the authorities of anything that could make the majority of us speculate (in a potentially very, very terrifying way).

Stay tough, folks. Stay freaking tough. Just like a petty criminal, terrorists are quite a bunch of best psychologists either. They have been there, done that. And if they let their misdemeanor acts haunted our minds, chances are they will own the world just like how they own every single one of us.

Author: slickmaster | © 2017 The SlickMaster's Files

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