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Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Scene Around: saGujio 13th Anniversary

06/08/17 01:48:00 PM

It was a rainy Saturday night to remember in the latter part of May as one of the metropolitan's best live music venues celebrated their 13 years of existence, and it was red hot as devilish fuck.

Jensen and The Flips kicked off the part at the very early time of 6:30PM, followed by Reese Lansangan and MilesExperience, a total guarantee that turned saGuijo into another Sauna Saturday nights. But the anniversary gig doesn't stop there are other notable bands Maude, Lions and Acrobats, Mayonnaise, and Tandems '91 has kept the ball rolling from the get-go. 

And while a number of people (including yours truly) are sort of wasak, Rob and The Hitmen, CHEATS, Taken by Cars, and Carousel Casualties capped the evening. 

This is the night where I taste the goodness of saGuijo, and I don't mean green right there because of the fact that apart from their sisig, I also managed to satisfy my cravings for other foods and a series of overflowing drinks (beers and a cocktail drink called screwdriver, in fact). That's aside from the fact of seeing the likes of Maude and CHEATS after a year-long of missing their gigs live, and being totally wild as if I am still living in my early walwalan nights. 

Quite lost my voice and almost lost my umbrella due to my total tipsiness, but none of them matter at all. Certainly, that was a saGuijo night to remember for me. 

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