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Thursday, June 08, 2017

The Scene Around: Revolver Pop-up Show #2

05/24/2017 07:08:22 AM

It's funny how Cris Ramos and Chuckie Balbuena uses a lot of things like their wrestling fandom to make connections in making music gigs like this. Well, we used to talk a lot of that stuff.

The original plan is Revolver Productions is supposed to stage a gig on the third Saturday of March, coinciding with the Common Ground Fest, The Rest is Noise, and that birthday gig(which surprisingly, boasts a packed lineup with mostly heavyweight shits). But it went on a Friday night, and with a Kevin Owens-inspired moniker: Revolver Productions' Pop-up Show #2 (and count that art by Philippine UG, too). 

Well, they have the first one at SaGuijo before, so that answers “Why not #1?”

Okay, it was a first Friday at 19 East in Muntinlupa City and the stage boasted mostly of young guns like Banna Harbera, Carousel Casualties, Imago, MilesExperience, Rob and The Hitmen and TheSunManager. 

Does it sound unusual to me? Not at all, even if it's actually the first time I hit the music hall in the South on a weekday. But who cares, right? Seeing Imago this close since late 2015 was a refreshment course. Seeing Banna Harbera, as well as MilesExperience (and generally, all the bands who performed during the night) rocked 19 East is such a thing of beauty.

But one thing I am really impressed with are the bands who checked themselves after the gig. Take Carousel Casualties as an example for that.

And somewhat, with the sudden movement paved a big night for Revolver as they staged a Saturday night outing featuring Mastaplann by their next month (April 2017).

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