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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Scene Around: Revolver Beast

05/24/2017 07:25:54 AM

Mastaplann, one of the Philippines' finest rap groups, just had a lot of gigs as part of their anniversary celebration, and being part of a Revolver Productions' event at 19 East in Muntinlupa City is just one of their stops; proving not just the preference of the producers, but giving everyone the does of their nostalgic medicine.

Apart from the famous hip-hop group, bands like Autotelic, Ninno, Sud, Rob and the Hitmen, Espasouls, and Chenee Gonzalez graced the hot Saturday night of April at the Metro's most-recognized live music venue. 

Well, no wonder why this gig is titled BEAST. When you got the famed name like Mastapalann, as well as a wordsmith, two of the currently popular bands in the music scene, and three young and upcomers, we indeed have a ball game to deal with. 

And seeing Sam Valenia's band closing the night gave a solid meaning to the part-90s flava-ish kind of night, especially when they bared a cover of SWV's Weak. Looks like the beast just got tamed at the end. LOL!

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