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Wednesday, June 07, 2017

The Scene Around: Get Music Indie-Go

06/05/2017 06:45:36 AM

It was a blockbuster Saturday evening wherein events are like “here, there, and everywhere”; making the nightlife and music scene alive and vibrant after a while (Who says our local music died in the first place?!). 

And amidst the controversial surrounding the word usage and ticket prices during their preparation phase, MCA Music was still able to stage the event called Get Music Indie-Go at the Mall of Asia arena. Yes, despite the delay of time schedule, lack of needed hype, and watching attendance spanning around hundreds of people.

Indie-Go wasn't a bad show from start to finish, but certainly not their excellent offering either. At least, the performers tried to hype everything from their part; with An Honest Mistake, MilesExperience, Reese Lansangan, and Conscious and the Goodness excelled the most in the entire lineup. It would've gotten better if they had a host during the latter half of the program instead of having a DJ alone who mixed and spin tunes that only caught the attention of just a portion of their audiences.

The soul band continued what the first artist (started), and it built the pace slowly as other bands followed suit. After Ninno who delivered the first taste of Indie-Go with a full band setup, It was Lansangan who went on a special set by going virtually galactic on her intro before switching to her usual collective. And thanks to their experience, the Malaysian punk band managed to hype everyone up despite being the foreigner – and probably, the less familiar face – in the eyes of this crowd, comprised of mostly youngsters. Definitely not a bad thing for me to witness them for the first time in this

Well, Jensen and The Flips came after and it obviously drawn massive woos from the crowd, but there wasn't really any difference in their set compared to their usual bar gigs. Well, there's a bit in SUD that made them a standout, and it could be attributed to their additional vocal quartet (with three of them from the Antipolo-based acoustic band Alasmedya). 

While it was supposed to be Autotelic who laid out their promise from the shores of indie to the mainstream, it was an a-okay set in the ending with debuting a song as an added extra. It just so happened that I could finally jump again to Dahilan after a year and a half.

Seeing Gabby Alipe as a solo performer is another thing I looked forward to during Indie-Go. And it nearly exceeded my expectations. I quite get it if he performed two songs fromn his band because after all it's his choice – and at the same time, reconnect with the young dubistas out there who probably had the taste of Cebu's finest during the latter years of Urbandub.

But the night clearly belonged to MilesExperience. They walked their talk and proved they are the best up-and-comers in town, thanks to their collective attributions of bringing their friends form the UST Drum Lyre and choir, as well as Coeli San Luis, the singer-songwriter who played the bass for the quintet during the midnight hour. This is even bigger than what they had done during their special gigs in 2016 which includes their launch for “Again & Against.”

We wish we haven't had limited food choices and lack of trash cans placements during the evening, though (but that's another story, though). I also doubt they falter in marketing the gig, though let's face it: May 20 was a very busy day with an album launch and other stellar gigs placed at the likes of 70s Bistro, SaGuijo, and Route 196. That's aside from the fact that not everyone can spend a thousand no matter how it seems well-comprehended on the reason.

Indie-Go was a promise and will probably deliver more – and better – should they stage another similar gig soon. Not excellent but wasn't a bad outing at all for the first-timers. And while Mike Constantino once said of the program going to be a digital music show, I now look forward to Direk Jiggy Gregorio's output soon.

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