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Friday, June 23, 2017


06/21/2017 12:32:33 PM

I know  I shouldn't make a comment about this match since I have yet to see the entire thing called Money in the Bank. As far as my commonly-known observers are concerned (from Smark Henry to the Sporting Guy), this MITB has been so far the worse gig for the SmackDown Live brand.

What? Another replica of the Women's MITB Ladder Match? And that will take place just 10 days from Sunday the 18th? But why?

Okay, I get it. Despite looking very unnatural, Carmella actually "almost played by" the rules: Daniel Bryan was right when he pointed out these notes: this kid of match are technically classified as no disqualification; meaning anyone can interfere and anyone else can climb the ladder and able to be the FIRST to retrieve the prize (which obviously gives anyone the distinction of being the winner). 

So does that considered a screwjob? No and probably not yet totally, because whether you like it or not, Carmella has became much solid heel here by means of doing whatever it takes to achieve that status of villainity. Still, morally-wise it doesn't favor us all.

And probably the main 'cause here is STILL the fact that some lover jobber has created the heat in her behalf. Yes, it made her the hottest name to hate but also an incompetent one compare to the other competitors. And frankly, Ellsworth's act would mean that he put the entire women's division on a bad light, as if they can't do so. That said, that would be a slap to Stephanie McMahon's budding legacy and that would probably be attributed to what Vince actually prefers for women in the business; something that the likes of Inner Wrestling Nerd has a random scoop about.

So, are we seeing SmackDown as history revisionists here? By the looks, yes. But it's more of saying to  remedy everyone's dissatisfaction. But you know what? Come next week: I'm quite sure that by hook or by crook, Carmella would still gets the Money in the Bank briefcase and (sorry, Enzo and Cass) you can't teach that. 

And restarting the match could do more right than wrong. The only problem here, though, is that it looked like they just took away the essence of putting up MITB that way.

Unless a returning Maria Kanellis decides to join the fray and we're all screwed again.

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