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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

PlayBack: The Ransom Collective – Traces (Album)

06/08/2017 10:13:32 AM

This band has always been living to their promises with the sound of their kind of folk and pop. The six-piece crew called The Ransom Collective has been the solid (if not one of) example of the indie, and they had done it literally and figuratively, from being just a bunch of merry-making kids to being one of the underrated bands in the overall outlook of the country's music scene.

The Flying Lugaw was on-point when he perceived Open Road, the band's second single, as an explosive track to kick this 50-ish minute soundtrip. This is how you place your offerings in a record – start it with a “bang.” Then follow it up with a similar-paced one like Settled to keep the momentum ongoing. Their intensity has kept me ongoing from the guitar and violin hooks, to the vocal prowess of their lead Kian Ransom, to the drubbing to the drums.

Tides, Doubt, and Something Better had been their downers – but in a good way. Their instrumental work has been nothing but excellent enough to keep things going even in a bit of sentimental way.

While the new tracks has been presented in such a very impressive manner, I think I have yet to stay fully the same for their revamped previous tracks. Sure, they are still (and obviously) the most-favored tracks since they rose to prominence, but in the case of Fools, I'm quite off with their previous version wherein the xylos and violin hooks have been ringing a bell to me for so long.. 

Their recent work of Run and Hither suited very well to me, especially the former wherein they put the force and intensity higher, making it at least the very good kind version of their usual selves during live performance. 

However, Images seemed to have a very minimal difference.

Very solid production, to say the least. That made their sound elevated to their elite-like status. However, the question is that will the replay values how its worth and enough to be called as one of the top picks for 2017? That remains to be seen.

The verdict: 7.1

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