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Thursday, June 08, 2017

PlayBack: Carousel Casualties – Madison (EP)

06/08/2017 11:06:51 AM

After months of major retrofitting, it seems that pop rock band Carousel Casualties has attained the success they once craved for. They released four songs since September and just this past month, the band released their six-track EP titled “Madison.”

That made me wonder for a second: four of their six songs were already included here, with only two tracks untarnished (yet by the free-listening public). Would that affect then in terms of marketability? 

On the other side, I don't think that should matter for a while for this young quartet. For sure, Emmie Villegas, Pauline Jan Villanueva, Jot Nicanor and Xavier Lucente have a lot of creative juices in their minds right now. Let them do their work as musicians and hope for their new creations to unfold soon.

Anyway, going back to what I am suppose to do. Their sound has gone revolutionized from the very first time I hear them, and frankly their approach of going a combo of garage and indie rock with pop on the side have paid them really well; being one of those on-the-rise acts to look for this year. Indeed a huge turnaround, to say the least.

Flats has been my always favorite track from them. But then, Bright Red Lights became an instant one after getting the record, and I ended up appreciating Safety when they put their extended intro. Their latest single San Junipero has somehow starting to garner airplays, and it could do more if you're familiar with Black Mirror.

Thanks to the swagger of vocalist Villegas, as well as the guitar work of Villanueva which made me forget how young she is – just except her obvious back-up vocalization. These, together with the works of bass and drums, made them NOW found their groove literally and figuratively.  This madness in unison is another product of Nick Lazaro's efforts in sound engineering that has made them sound alike in both live and canned which, in certain cases, turned out good.

No. This time around, they're not the casualties.

Verdict: 8.3

Carousel Casualties' Madison EP is available through their gigs and at The Den, First United Building, Escolta, Manila. Contact the band via

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