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Thursday, June 22, 2017


06/21/2017 02:11:33 PM

The past week saw Brock Lesnar and Samoa Joe has been engaged in a monstrous brawl that has sent almost everyone to pacify the situation.

Hmmm, interesting eh?
We have seen this scenario for like thrice, and that has built Samoa Joe a reputation for being “a force to reckon with” in the WWE right now. And why not? With his name being a staple to most promotions around the world, plus being the first two-time NXT Champion, and the obvious physique and capabilities this guy can do. He, indeed can step up to the level of the beast.

But probably this pandemonium wasn't the best yet. Some would claim this segment with The Undertaker was better because the altercation has spilled down to the backstage and more people were involved in taking the third party role.

To which I say... still, nothing beats this. This is how the actual confrontation should roll.

No, not even their second one can topple them. Not even the tussle with Goldberg. This one was a straight on physicality that has somewhat elevated the fans' expectation to the stratosphere. This is how you hype a fight. Not just the security, not just the officials, but also you say “the entire locker room” as it is. Almost no absence from selected main eventers or midcarders. That's one flawed that Brock's recent boil segment has shown. 

Though it will be played even better if these two combustible elements were being separated together in a quite far distance. We almost have a perfect fight scene right there.

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