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Saturday, June 10, 2017

How Do You Fix Roman Reigns?

06/08/17 12:55:56 PM

How do you fix Roman Reigns? How to fix the Big Dog?

Photo from WWE
Honestly, I don't know. And probably, we will all end up with nothing regardless of reading the entirety of this post or not. After all: it was the guy from the top who decides what's best for business his wet dreams, and certainly not us.

Wait a second: is the movement really forced, or are we just that unappreciative of the product? But anyway...

This guy, despite working very solid on his matches with other wrestlers in the WWE, has been a 'lackluster' in the eyes of the general wrestling fan community. And frankly, the way he has been booked since the implosion of his old faction (The SHIELD) showed how Vince's preference of a 'heir apparent' at present.

It should've been okay, considering what he had done during the 2013 Survivor Series and 2014 Royal Rumble. However, the ill-booking since them got him from being the unanimously-picked top guy into the most-hated villain in real life. Imagine John Cena being “too stale” and other sports personalities such as the 2010 version of LeBron James, as well as Kris Humpries and even Lamar Odom whom were both hated for some time because of having marriage issues to the paparazzi-driven Kardashian sisters.

He was forcibly shoved in our throats during a stretch that poised him to become the WWE Champion (known as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion). He lost his charisma, and if his mic skills are quite okay, the writers have inputted him those wack vocabularies that couldn't even ring a bell – totally apart from his usual-less talk, more action self.

And the past few months saw him throwing The Undertaker off his yard; something that a lot would've foreseen a few years ago. And we would've thought he will be heel as booked, only to be bludgeoned by the Monster Among Men Braun Strowman at their next RAW PPV. Yes, Payback's a bitch all right, but the writing has made Roman's cred screwed (if not lost).

I get it: he could've gone better than that since his epic feud with Bray Wyatt but it really didn't paid dividends. He was supposed to be the big underdog against the even bigger beast, but it turned out shitty until Crossfit Jesus saved them both at 'Mania 33. And every time he puts on a solid fight, the aftermath scene of him being inserted into title picture without enough logical points ruins – and crumbles – the empire he has been trying to build with. Not pretty at all.

It's such a good thing that Samoa Joe became the contender to face Brock in that RAW showcase night in July. However, with the Monster Among Men out with a shoulder injury, what's next for him? Being scuffled anew with Seth Rollins sans the Authority? 

I have a strange feeling that this bout will end up on either SummerSlam or in a Hell in a Cell match; something that will either make up from a prospected Extreme Rules match. 

The writers should better change his gimmick instead to a helluva-convincing one. No one will believe to have him hurt bumps and sell them all with a vest. He's not a Mecca robot for Chrissakes. And certainly, no one will believe that he is a face when he's doing heelish actions (sorry but it sucks to be on the role of Jim Ross during the last WrestleMania).

But it will be definitely a long shot just like how the defending champs has been on a haunting 0-3 deficit. Much longer than that, and since wrestling storylines can be abruptly changed depending on circumstances, the answer to this question will be very tedious. yet complicated ones to comprehend. That is something we could only hope for should we still hook ourselves up with the WWE.

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