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Friday, June 09, 2017

For the First Time in Forever...

06/08/2017 05:09:28 PM

At first, maybe we would thought that stories like this would happen only in those imaginary-made stories in real life; as if we romanticized such event as an equivalent of forever, or a living testament of the saying “true love waits.”

I was supposed to write something about this video last year, during my family affair trip to Leyte. It wasn't really a vacation on my end because I have to attend my cousin's wedding which I am part of their pool of sponsors. This actually happened during my aunt's birthday which was held the day after the said wedding (that said, my sojourn appeared to be a double celebration). 

Turns out, the old guy right there (aged nearly 90 years old) is my uncle's father. So technically, it is still known to be as my grandfather. I can't recall his exact name but we called him “Daddy Balbin.” And it took him 64 years (!!!) to meet my grandmother, who was a last-ditch companion on our family trip. 

It's actually funny because the man seemingly to regain its youth upon seeing my lola. If the acts could be translated to our current vocabulary, we would probably call it “galawang breezy.” (Just without the intent to do something unbecoming, though.)

But apparently, just like 'true love' it boiled down to a heart-breaking end. It's not tragic as what you think, but just whatever shenanigans you all had during your puppy love and high school love days, every declarative sentence has its own culminating punctuation mark called period. And this proved that there is no such thing as 'best friend.'

Quite cliché, right?

Nope. There's no "forever," folks. Sorry.

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