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Friday, May 26, 2017

Upcoming: saGuijo 13th Anniversary

05/26/2017 10:30:03 PM

One of the metro's hottest live music venue turns lucky 13, and they are promising to deliver a Saturday night party that is HELLuva good.

SaGuijo's 13th anniversary boasts a lineup that features a lot of red-hot names in the music scene right now. Watch as your popular favorites in the current wave oif band explosion hit the stage at the first hours of the party.

And aside from that, stay glued as some of the bunching combo of young and guns and heavyweight shits are about to take over the evening of 27 May 2017 in that bar in Guijo Street. 

Eleven bands are scheduled to perform: Jensen and The Flips, Reese Lansangan, MilesExperience, Maude, Lions & Acrobats, Mayonnaise, Tandems '91, Rob and The Hitmen, Cheats, Taken by Cars, and Carousel Casualties.

Poster by Ana Villarosa
Show starts as early as 6:00 PM, and gates will be open an hour ahead. First 50 people will be able to get inside for FREE, while door charge since then will be priced 250 pesos 'til 8:00 PM, and 300 onwards. So if you want to get in cheaper and taste the SaGuijo experience at its best, do come early.

For more updates about SaGuijo, follow them on Twitter at!

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