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Thursday, May 04, 2017

The Scene Around: WAT UP Mix Vol. 10

01/28/2017 08:45:02 PM

WAT UP Mix Vol. 10 proved to be one of the most crowded gigs so far from this production. With around 200 people in attendance, the event has sent SaGuijo into full house on a Friday night. The performances from seven bands – plus an artistic magical stint from Magic Manila – has kept everyone glued in their grounds.

At The Moment, Atomic Sushi, and Carousel Casualties were superb in kicking the night off. Afterwards, the magicians took over the stage and performed some of their tricks which kept the momentum on the roll. This resulted to people being mind-fucked for half-an-hour.

Kissling piloted the much-noisier second half of the program as more people went inside SaGuijo. Next came Banna Harbera, and this soul-fusion band literally blew everyone off during the midnight – and made them want for more (and indeed, it happened). Ian Penn and TheSunManager slowed things down to cap the gig.

This probably will be considered a good start for the Underdogs as more of the great music will be unfolding by the first quarter of the year. With April Hernandez' solo project launching an album by February, as well as Banna Harbera taking stage as part of the roster for this year's Wanderland, and more WAT UP gigs about to hit by the indie scene in the forthcoming months, it's not really that hard to see why.

It was a solid night – a living testament to the saying “the night is young.” With a solid lineup of up-and-coming musicians in the independent music scene that racked a variety of crowd inside that popular live music venue in Makati? It's not that hard to see why the underdogs were off on a roaring start by now.

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