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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Scene Around: REVOLVER Aftermath: The Post-Valentine Bash!

05/24/2017 06:30:02 AM

Just because Valentine's season passed by during that mid-Februrary doesn't mean we will not be indulge on live music the romantic way possible. (Wait a minute, I mean, not the romance you all know.)

No matter how almost-redundant it looked, Revolver Productions' Aftermath: The Post-Valentine Bash boasts a damn helluva combo of performers during that post-V day Saturday which includes Kamara, Ben & Ben, HILERA, Gracenote, Chicosci, Apartel, and Rob & The Hitmen.

Wow. This really appears to be a huge treat for everyone who went by the Metro's famous live music hall during that night. I mean, look at that roster of musician performers: a lot were relatively young (except for the obvious) but were already considered known to many, thanks to their exposure to the big gigs. Of course, we all know Chicosci and Hilera since the past decade, right?

And frankly, this is the first time I (FINALLY!) have seen the collective Apartel live. They may be supersized by numbers, but somewhat delivered a big kind of soul music very, very well. Mind-blowing, if you''ll gonna ask me. 

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