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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Scene Around: Never Me

05/06/2017 11:01:14 PM

Move Forward Productions staged a post-Valentines party that highlighted a comeback of one of the bands which could be the the resemblances or equivalent of the term 'emo' in the past. And we don't really mean black and punk-ish, by the way.

A Post-valentines gig called Never Me was set which probably boasts a mix of synth pop, alternative ballad and rock, and the current wave we know as swabe music. It was a gig that ignited the band Tonight We Sleep to perform once again after some time of hiatus, and joining them were MilesExperience, Lions and Acrobats, Rusty Machines, and Paranoid City.

It was ruckus for most of the time from start to finish, with one of the popular bands kicking off the night, and finishing with Tonight We Sleep in a somewhat long set that sent an rainy Wednesday (or Thursday morning) into some sort of emotional note.

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