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Friday, May 19, 2017

The Scene Around: Higadamit

05/14/2017 08:20:47 PM

It was barely two months ago, when Bel, road manager of a band called the Itchyworms approached me and gave us an invitation to drop by at Route 196 for her biggest organized gig recently. And we're not talking about any of IndieManila's Subdues and Elusive Silence outings here.

It was Higadamit, the Itchyworms' merchandise launch, and it happened 29 March 2017 at the metro north's favorite live music venue; just in the near-end of a launch-laden month and held just a night after Apartel released their music video for “Sala Sa Init.” 

I came quite late since I came off Strata just to hang out in an episode of Mad Cat Midnight. It was already 12 midnight when I swung by the venue and Sud was hitting the latter part of their set. Talk about a damn rocking Thursday evening as attendants flocked the venue as if it's a typical weekend gig. (Yes, despite missing half of the performers.)

Still, I managed to watch Apartel for the second time ever and despite the relatively small stage, it made soul music as intimate as it gets. Next came the awaiting collaboration of Ely Buendia and The Itchyworms and they performed their two songs “Pariwara” and “Lutang” for just the second time in two nights.

And of course, the Itchyworms owned the rest of the night, with an hour-long set to cap the gig and kick off Friday on a high note.And frankjly, seeing them perform again gave me a refreshment course. The last time I've seen them perform was May 2015 and (yes) it all happened in this place.

Big gig for a gigantic sets of items. Congrats, Itchyworms! 

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