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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Rundown Slam: WWE Payback 2017

05/10/2017 08:19:18 AM

The World Wrestling Entertainment staged a lot of twists since WrestleMania, which all lead to what is a supposedly-RAW exclusive pay-per-view into sort of complications. But nonetheless, it turned out to be a very solid show for most of the time.

Seeing Big Cass saved Enzo Amore and (even making the latter pull off an upset victory) against their opponents Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson proved that they could win in some innovative ways. However, their skill set needs to have some sort of revamp or else they will end up nothing but being a bunch of smack-talkers.

Miz TV obviously ignited the rivalry between The Miz and Finn Balor. How will this chapter roll from here, especially that there is also an impending feud between the Demon King and The Eater of Worlds remain to be seen. 

Kicking off the main program with the United States Championship is like having these two on a sendoff party. Either way, RAW loses them to SmackDown, especially when Chris Jericho won the title again since losing it to the same opponent/former best friend Kevin Owens at WrestleMania.

And frankly, that is the last icing on the cake in Jericho's latest run with the E. Of course, KO won it again two nights later in order to have a development in his gimmick as “The Face of America.” 

That heel turn by Cesaro and Sheamus was so cool that it toppled another highlight reel of a lost tooth. The acts from the near-finish to their segment at RAW Talk proved the obvious signs of swerve.

An Alexa Bliss victory could've made executed a night later than Payback, as this is Bayley's yard. But with a gimmick that is so stale (yes, that she appeared to be the next John Cena), maybe Vince pulled the trigger now and make this young, petite woman called Little Miss Bliss a history-creator for the night. Plus the fact that there's always a side of booking when Vince means to glorify the hometown hero in a loss after putting up a valiant effort in a fight.

Seth Rollins versus Samoa Joe, though they made a good promo, had an a-okay match. But that a-okay match means there's more when the writers will unfold the pages of their rivalry soon. That's for sure. 

The House of Horrors match was somewhat beautifully executed outside. But I was quite puzzled on how these rules and quirks worked. This should've even better off in a TV special unless they put a referee somewhere during its taping. To see it end in SAP Center means slacking off from what is supposedly the best product they could offer during the evening. 

And seeing the title is NOT on the line? Heck, Bray has a reason to be upset with their creative people. 

However, an inadvertently assist by Jinder Mahal and his two henchmen closed this long-time story in a very, very bizarre way. And obviously, it was a teaser of what SmackDown has to offer – and it happened in an event of their rival brand. Wow.

Main event time, and I'm quite happy they give Braun Strowman a victory over Reigns. To see the already-questionable (health-wise) Roman pulling off the stops in such a very unbelievable fashion may have dismay a lot of us. Let the guy redeem himself and take some losses instead of making himself a triumphant Hercules every single time. 

And this setup may have lead them into a much unbarred fight soon. Say, Extreme Rules match, anyone?

The Verdict : 7.4

Author: slickmaster | © 2017 The SlickMaster's Files

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