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Monday, May 08, 2017

PlayBack: We Are Imaginary – A Good Kind Of Sad (music video)

04/14/2017 08:41:12 PM

It was a different concept, apart from what this pop band's music video more known of – full of imagery, lighted by humor.

On a first-hear, A Good Kind Of Sad  appears a chill kind of pop rock, something most likely you want to hear while on the go. And making this music video proved how director Jemimah Dadulah's execution, the portrayal of the cast led by Glenn Pernes, and vocalist Ahmad Tanji's concept product became a staple object that lives within their name. Also, it turned out to be a subtle way to introduce their new drummer Jazz Magday.

Sure it was more serious depth than their Is It Sunny Where You Are and probably in total-contrast with their works as Your Imaginary Friends, but the A Good Kind Of Sad's visual storytelling remained solidly-intact and, at certain extent, thought-provoking. And while one may argue the flaws on technicalities (and especially editing), but still they fared really well upon publishing this.

The quartet may have shied away from the usual infectious way by going on a bit-slowdown song, but still it worked for them enough.

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